Cabinet Door Hanger, Gifts and My Bud

I painted this a couple
months ago. Its a small cabinet
door, it had a hold in the center
for a knob and I had to
drill two on
each side of it.

I love these knobs.

Not sure where I will hang it but
I am sure I can
find a spot.

My best friend Debbie
was thinking of me
when I had surgery.
She got me a couple
of gifts but we
were just able to get

Isn't this neat?
Made from a spoon
into a key ring but it
clips on to your purse
or your pocket of your
pants. I love it.

She also got me this
and I actually
found room in
the living room to
hang it.

Thanks Debbie.

Just now while writing this
post I looked over
and saw my bud on the
other end of the couch.

Sleeping so

Thanks for stopping in,


Nasreen said…
Awww...she is a lovely friend for you. Hope you speedy recovery!
Vee said…
Always nice to have a food friend to keep your feet warm and human ones who gift such lovely, meaningful things.

Thank you for popping in at my place. Yes, we are still buried in snow.
Sandra said…
we often talk about the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we see a sleeping dog or cat. even photos like yours give me that feeling. we both smile every time we see Jake sleeping... that spoon is pretty cool. I use a giant safety pin to hang my keys on my pants if I have no pocket
Love the key ring and the print! Thanks for stopping by to visit. Your visit was most welcomed new friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
Good friends are invaluable. And that includes your adorable dog. ~hugs~ Take care!
S. J. Qualls said…
Nice friend and cool gifts! Funny story, I bought a bunch of old silverplate with intentions of making rings and neat stuff like the keyring your friend made for you, then I found out the silverplate was stronger than I was.
Debbie said…
awwww, something about the name...hehehe

i buy most of my knobs at pier one, they have an awesome selection!!!
Liz A. said…
Very nice gifts.
sage and spirit said…
Such a sweet little guy! And I do love those knobs. You come up with so many creative ideas!
Pam, that is the cutest wall hanger, and the leopard print knobs are really different and special. I love "your bud" sleeping on the pillow. They are such wonderful friends and companions. I found my little Kai doing the same thing around Christmas and did a "thought balloon" over his head. Too cute!..Thanks for your visit and kind words..Happy Thursday..Judy
Al said…
Nice! I love your cute little canine friend.

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