The Yard

Gray and yucky out again
today but warm.
I decided to grab the
camera and take a
walk through the yard.

But before showing you that
I wanted to show this.

I have been keeping my eye on
this moss, growing in a crack
in my mom's driveway.
When I mentioned it to her
a few weeks ago she proceeded
to tell me to take it.
Today I did.

Actually have no clue why I
thought I needed it cause walking
along my creek I notice there
is a lot of it there!

I thought I would get some
pics of birds while on my
walk through the yard.
Not many out this time of
day. The time to catch
them is in the morning.

With that said, lets move on to the
garden area next to the shed.
My brother made this years
ago and it set at mom's for
years. I grabbed it and brought it
home for the yard....oops
and dropped it before putting
it out. Breaking the sides of the
roof. I repaired that and decided
to paint it up.
It sets on a plant stand in
the garden.

Found the horse shoe in the
creek after a good storm.

Found this gem at Goodwill for
1.99.  Had no clue what
I was going to do it but then
later it hit me.
I have it hanging on a shepherds
hook in the garden. I also took
a solar light apart and put it
in the metal piece. Have a nice
little lamp in the garden.

Found this globe like thingy at
Goodwill also. It has a hole
on the other end but it works
great like this. I placed
it in a metal candle holder
also from Goodwill that
was minus the glass candleholder

Wanted a trellis for the garden
so I picked up a spring from
a baby bed at an antique store.
Five dollars.
I have a vine started at the
bottom in hopes it will be growing
up it this summer.

One of my fav pieces.
My hummingbird made
by local metal artist
Major Hall. here is another fav
piece. My wildflower
welding job.

Here is another welded piece.
My younger brother had the
base he picked up somewhere but
it would not stand up well and
with the wind, over it would go.
I welded a bar to the bottom to
drive into the ground so I would
stand and added some extra

Trying to think just how long
I have had this piece.
Maybe close to 15 yrs.
It was a bday gift from
a friend I worked with.

Now....what to do with this.
Such a mess. It is growing on
the roof of my shed and the
shed sits near the creek.
Thinking I need to get this
cleaned up before spring.

Talking shed I did this to mine
in 2015.
Still looking great.
(these pics were taken then)

Photo bomb


One last thing.
3 years ago a tornado went over, not the
first but the 3rd one in 25 yrs of living here.
It took out the local Dollar General Store
five mins from me.
Anyway, when it flew over it left this

This is one the creek, close to the house so I leave
this wrapped around the honeysuckle bush on the
creek to remind me how wicked a tornado can
be...and to remind just how close it came.

Thanks for stopping by,


Liz A. said…
Love the garden lamp. That was a close call with the tornado.

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