Free Art Movement - Nashville (Free Art Friday)

On Facebook there has been a
site started called
Free Art Movement - Nashville.
That includes Wilson, Williamson and
other surrounding counties.
I did my first drop a couple weeks
ago with this painting.

I dropped her in Lebanon Tn.

Went back the next day and she was gone.
There was a note with her that
asked whoever found her please
take a pic and post
on Free Art Movement - Nashville.
She was picked up but
there never was a post.
Not everyone does

Hoping this drop will be different.
I dropped this one

In Hermitage.
Same thing.
Note with the rock art suggesting
a pic posted on FAMN page.

I will check tomorrow to see if my
drop is gone.
This group is spreading
art one piece at a time.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Perhaps you could also have them link on Twitter or Instagram with a #FAMN or some other hashtag.
Darla M Sands said…
I would so love to be involved in this! Best wishes on a good outcome.

You are so inspiring. I wish I were half as talented.

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