Acrylic Paintings

Yesterday I posted pics of
oil paintings I have done.
Today I am posting paintings
done with acrylic paints.
Personally I like working with
oils better but acrylics don't
take near as long to dry.

I love this one below.

Painted this one on a rock I found around
my brothers pond.
Sealed it well and gave it back to
my brother to lay around the pond.

Found these on PINTEREST and
being a mom of a grown son that
grew up on the original
Turtles I thought
these would be so much fun to
After posting them on my facebook
page I sold several sets of these.
Plus, my son upon seeing them
put a comment under the pic.
"I WANT"..
and although he was 27 he GOT!

I see it but some don't.
A zebra.

I painted this to pass the time and my
sis in law commented that
she loved it.
She got it.

Every so often my two sis in laws,
two nieces and I go to a paint
class. We did this one the Halloween
before last.

Monkeying around.

I was asked to paint this one from a
woman that I met years ago on
a website, Clubmom.
We are now friends on Facebook.

She also requested this one.

This would be cute hanging in
a boys room.

Posted a pic I found on PINTEREST of
these paintings on Facebook,
saying that I was going to
try these next.
My nephew requested a set of

The woman that requested the
cupcake and batman sign also
wanted these.

This one for her hubby.

Her daughter.

And a friend of hers.

Simple but cute.

Had thoughts about doing a woman's
This was to be one of them.

Another one.

This one is sort of strange.
But I found one like this on PINTEREST
and thought it looked cool,

Walking in the rain.


Whale of a tale.

Painted on a piece of scrape wood.

Painted this for my front door.
Yep, that is on a ceiling fan blade.

These two were a gift.

For my niece.

For my grandson.

And for ME.

I love painting but I am running out
of space to put them.
I have several of these at a
local artist store.

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
Oh, my gosh. You are so talented! Have you had any sort of classical training?

I did get confused by the tags sometimes. Could just be me, but I'm used to photo captions being just below the image. You can tell me to go jump in the lake, of course. ~grin~ Just thought your blog worthy of a friendly analysis.

Best wishes!

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