Shelves in the Bathroom

I have this strange little
wall between the sink and
into the tub area that I
wanted some type of shelve
on. Thought about doing one
from floor to almost
ceiling but I decided
not to go that way.

Have looked at purchasing a
piece but that spot
is a strange size.

So being on PINTEREST
I ran across something I
thought would work.

It started like this.

With plain ole wood.

I cut them and put them together

in a block shape.

A drill was needed to start
my holes to screw in my screws.

And if you are in question about
where I was doing this...
yes, that is my kitchen counter!

No, I did not cut the wood in the
but yes
I did drill in the house.
Until my shed is cleaned out
which requires my daughter
getting her own place I don't
have a place for a shop.

Okay....over all that!
Next step....

I love when I come up on something
that makes me smile.

A heart from the stain.
Must mean I was going to love
this project!

After the staining off to
Home Depot.
Thanks Debbie for the gift
card for there.

I was not really feeling the metal look.
so out came the spray paint...
and yes, I did that outside!

Tonight I hung my shelves.
Could have used a couple
more hands but I finally
got them done.

Check out my painting on
the wall also.
I did this one years ago but
I love it so much.

I LOVE them!

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Darla M Sands said…
Can I just slip into your mind for a while? I'm nowhere near as creative as you and Liz. I can barely pound a nail straight and my great aunt threw up her hands trying to teach me to knit, or whatever it was. ~shakes head~ I'll just stick to short stories for now.

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