Photo of the Day

Perfect Sunday photo.
I took this photo
when I grabbed
my camera and headed
out for a ride.
It was too pretty
at 70 degrees to be inside.
And it turned out to be a
fantastic day
to have the windows
down, hair blowing
in the breeze!
Course keep in mind
it is mid Jan. in
middle TN and our
temps have been way up

Saturday and today,
I wore shorts and flip flops!


NanaDiana said…
That is a beautiful picture--God light on a spire! xo Diana
Liz A. said…
Pretty. Glad you're having good weather.
Junkchiccottage said…
Thanks Pam. Thank you always for your visits to my blog. Have a great start to the new week.
Mildred said…
Magnificent photo. I live in n. GA and we've had some very warm days and even have jonquils coming up and quince and yellow bells budding! Today, however, is much colder (50)

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