How to Hang and Display Your Gems

I have posted my display
items for my gems before but I
thought I would again.

For my necklaces I have a 16x20
frame with screen wire tacked to the
back. I use drape hooks hang the necklaces.

For my earrings I have a small
cabinet door that I painted.
I tacked chains across the
front for looping my
earrings in.

Now what to do with the bracelets?
A coffee cup holder.

a regular crystal ring holder.
No pic.

Here are some other ideas
that would work great.
I pulled these from PINTEREST.

Take a look and see
any of these
would work for you

Then check around your house and
see what you can find to
use for the use of your gems....
other stuff for that matter.

Thanks for stopping in,


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