Expanding the Key Collection Space

Picked up the table at a friends
yard sale about a year ago.

It was a little lose in places, split in
a place and I thought about redoing it...
But then I decided I could
get more done from the parts.

Lets play with the drawer

Cute little drawer.
Not very deep and it will
work perfect for what I need it for.

First a paint job.
Beige in the middle
and a red along the edges.

I was in need for another space
to hang key rings.
My collection.

 So what do you think?

Thanks for stopping in,


It's a great way to expand your keychain collection!
Debbie said…
many thanks for sharing the link to this, it's so clever. drawers are really making a comeback and this one was perfect for what you needed. i also "try" not to buy "things". i will buy a book and i have really enjoyed this postcard hobby!!

great job, you are clever and creative, my kinda' girl!!!!

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