My 2016 garden

Before we get around to touring my garden
I have to tell you that I don't have a lot of the
stuff in it, like decorative stuff due to
the fact I was sick in the spring and
just did not get things going soon

This is one of my lavender plants.
Wow....spring just is so dull or
not pretty till things start busting out
in bloom!

And this is what I love to see first
thing in the spring...
My hosta coming back.
Several of these plants
were given to me from the
woman that used to watch my children
when they were young.
LOL...I was just counting up the years...
about 26 years I have had these.

This next plant coming up and
breathing the spring air was my
House Leeks - Rusty color.
I planted this last year.

Iris - giving to me by my friend

Well in this pic the hosta went
from a young sprout coming up
to a teen sprout.

One of my favorite plants in the
yard. Hydrangeas!
And here again, a the bushes
are just beginning to come out
in this pic.

Spiderwort, I think. clue.

The same iris that you saw
before, only a couple of
weeks later.

My hummer from Major Hall, a
great metal artist here in Nashville.

 Red Crepe Myrtle.
I have had a pink one for years
and I so wanted a red one. I put
this out about 3 yrs ago....

Hydrangeas again.
I have two bushes I have had for about
19 years, then I have two more right in
front of them that has come out over
the years.

Not a lot of color when they are starting out
in the spring but they end up beautiful.
The funny thing is I have always heard
the it is the acid in the soil that causes
the color.....yet I can't figure that out
since my two original bushes put
out pink, blue, purple and a lighter

The House Leeks as it is growing.

This was neglected this spring when
things were blooming and growing
BUT...later I got around to planting in

Beginning of summer blooms.
Day Lily.

Told you I loved the Hydrangea.

Just a little hint of blue.

Check them out.

And this was some I cut to bring in
the kitchen.
I love the colors.
But shortly after this the rains
started to beat them down.

The Hosta in bloom.

Day Lily shots.


As they grow.

Cone flowers.
Wild Berry Color.

Some type of daisy.

This is a shot of the beginning of spring gardening.

another garden shot.

My pink Crepe Myrtle.
I was given this starter in 1997
the year before the tornados hit and
tore Nashville apart. The girl who gave
this starter to me lost hers in the tornados.

Cooper Ice Plant...

The wheel barrow is looking great now.

Standing on the deck looking into my
Crepe Myrtle.

my red Crepe Myrtle is going
to bloom.

and it did!

Can you tell I love PURPLE.
So many plants in that color.

Check out the bee.

Easter Lily.

A friend gave me these a couple years
ago. Just now starting to bloom in
mid August. They get really
tall before blooming.

There is your tour of my garden.
Hoping to expand next year.
Thanks for stopping in,


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