House Sitting - Part 2 - The Bird, The Bite

Meet the birds...

Ms. Lola


Lola has been around the family for years.
She belongs to my sis in law, Lori.

Years ago when I started the house sitting
thing for Ray and Lori I had an
understanding with Ms. Lola...
I will take you out of the cage to play,
you bit, or be ugly and back you go!
She seemed to understand my words
and for the longest time things went well.

Over the years house sitting has spread out and
only takes place once or twice a year now,
more dogs have been added to the mix so
my connection with Lola has disappeared.

As for TJ. There has never been an understanding
with this bird. He is a one person bird, Ray's.
He is my brothers bird.
He has never liked me and the feeling over
the years has become the same for me.

TJ has reached out when I was feeding him
to try and take a pluck out of my hand several times.
He has flown over and sat on my shoulder, while
I shook thinking he might go for an eye!!
Last night while feeding him he reached out
to bite, missing of course.
How come they do not understand the
concept of not biting the hand that
feeds you?!

Tables turned the other day though,
it was not TJ that got me!

I had dogs out, door cracked so they could
come in when ready, Lola on my arm eating
walnuts. My dog, Dakota came in and
not knowing his manners he jumped up, high,
on my back to try to get to Lola who had
moved to my shoulder. At this same point
I reached up to remove her from the shoulder
since I knew that the next place was the top of
the head where she would scratch up the hair and
try to nest! Well, with Dakota jumping and me
reaching, Lola decided to bite!
My poor pinky.
She did not bring blood but my finger is
still sore.

With that....back in the cage she went
with Dakota still jumping and trying to
get to her.

Adventures of house sitting!

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