Hot Air Balloon Glow

I have always loved hot air
The Wizard of Oz

I think it is the fantasy,
the thrill,
the color....

Last weekend I went to 
Percy Warner Park 
for the 
Balloon Glow.

I used to always attend
the KOOL
Balloon Races that
Nashville used to 
hold but its been 
many, many years.
That used to be an all day
thing but the glow last
week was
the end of a festival.

When I was a teen and I went to the KOOL 
races I helped with spreading the 
balloon out and filling it
with cool air, then helping
to set it up with the warm air.
To help to fold it up
and store it back in the 

When I was twenty I went up in one.
Best time...

Thanks for stopping in,


pretty pictures Pam.

Jamie was there too!


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