Jake - Jake's Bucket List

I stated following Jake on 
facebook a couple of months ago.
has bucket list and
with the help of his dad
Jake is traveling all over the
US making friends and 
teaching people about 
Jake has Hemangiosarcoma.

Jake stopped in Dickson TN on their
way up from Memphis and 
met Tammy, one of my
oldest friends (shhh, don't
tell but I have known Tammy for
43 yrs)!!!

This is Jake's dad with Jake.
I did not catch his name but I did 
learn that he is a military vet. 
He owns three other
dogs like Jake.
All rescues.
He loves Jake with 
his all his heart. 

He did ask that I not post his
pic of Jake's facebook page because
it is all about Jake and not him.

But here on my blog I wanted you
to meet him.
He is not just doing this for 
and with Jake he is helping so
many others that I am sure he is
not even aware of.

The other day they were in Memphis where
they went to Graceland. Jake
had his pic made in several areas
at Graceland but most pics
were made looking over Jake's
head, showing only his ears....
like you are seeing exactly what he
is seeing at the same time from the 
same point of view...
Cause someone that they met
along the way has terminal cancer,
someone who always wanted to go 
to Graceland and now never will.
They wanted to know if Jake could
go for them.

So....what Jake's dad does not
realize is, not only is Jake
helping people along the way,
so is his dad!

Jake is standing at the Capitol in 
Nashville looking out over
Farmers Market and the 

Isn't he handsome?

Like most dogs you have to snap when
he looks at you cause I am thinking
he is not so fond of cameras since
he turns away a lot of the times.

This gentleman is so sweet that
I just wanted to wrap my arms around
him and hug him so tight.

Although I really dislike
having my pic made it 
was an honor to have
my baby Dakota on one
side of me and Jake
on the other!

I enjoyed my time with Jake, Jake's dad and
their friend John. 
All three of you will be in my prayers through
your travels. 
And I will continue to follow
you on facebook. 

Thank you for stopping in,
Pam and Dakota


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