Flowers for Myself

My mom taught me this
Most Kroger stores will
mark down older flowers.
So I went last week to Kroger
over by my work and just
happened to look while
I was in there to see what
flowers they would happen
to have.
I found these and got them for
my desk....
just cause I deserve them.
I got them for $1.00.
That was on Wed. last week and
I have only had to throw out a couple
(this is Thursday of the following week).
Well on Tuesday this week, I went
back and found some really
awesome buys.
Got the purple ones.
.85 cents
But I also got this to plant
Got these for .85 cents each for my
Not a bad deal. I get flowers
and they don't cost an arm and
a leg!
Thanks for stopping in,


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