Dakota - Middle Name Should be GO

By accident Dakota developed
the desire to GO!
He loves to ride.
I think this came about
by me taking him to Mom's
everyday and picking him
up everyday!
But I can remember the first time
I ever drove with him on the
I had to laugh.
He was up front with me headed
to the vets when in front of him
he spied a bridge going over
the interstate....
He eyed it very hard and the
closer it got the more he
eyed. He had never seen
this before so when I got
to it to go under,
he dunked like he
was afraid it would hit him in
the head!
Yep...it was funny..
When I first got him Caleb, now
14 sat in a booster seat in the
backseat of my car.
It was time for him to come
out but it remained longer cause
Dakota adopted it as
his seat.
He just jumped in and took over!
I think he liked it the best cause
it allowed him to sit up and see
But there were those days where
he raised a leg and placed it
on the seat to maybe
brace himself...
no clue.


                                           and the days that he jumped in and laid right down.

He could stand taller in the booster
seat to see far out if he wanted.
But I made the mistake of taking the
booster seat out to take it apart and
clean it. I forgot to put it back in.
So headed to mom's that evening, windows
open, I think he tried to boost himself
up more and used the handle of the door...
boosting himself so far up.........and
over and right out of the car.
More on that story another time!
Anyway, he got over it.
Finally he really out grew the booster
seat, to many meals at granny's!
I had to replace it with a dog pillow
that mom made!
There are days when he gets it the car
from moms, playing with her
dogs all day and he just throws
himself down and sleeps on the way
Then every now and again he decieds
he wants to sit up front with me.
Look how prim and proper he sits!
Usually he rides up front on cold
winter days and this is
how we ride.
LOL....yes, he is spoiled.
This is him riding with a friend of
mine, Brian in the Corvette
with the top off! He seemed
to really like this.
A lot of times he rides as my co pilot-
standing with his back legs on the back seat
and the front legs on the console between
the front seats. We get all sorts
of smiles that way.
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