Dakota and The Not So Good a Hunter

If you have been reading my
post of Dakota then you
have gone over the story
of him and the squirrels
and moles...
BUT, let me tell you about
him and his toys.
No hunting there.
He had this stuffed
monkey that
the loved
and it lasted so much
longer than most
I could throw it in the air
and up he went.
Check out those teeth!!

But even after a long amount
of time, a toy
around Dakota comes
to see it's inters
all over the floor!

But mom, I really didn't do it!

This is him stalking a squirrel at mom's!

And this is him trying to
eat my sis in laws bird...

But let me tell you about the time
I woke to a horrible noise above
my head on a cold and freezing
December morning....
Squirrels had eaten a hole
in the eve of my house and
moved into my attic where
they proceeded to dance and run
and party above my head all
night long!
Dakota NEVER heard a sound!
Now this dog can here a cat walk across
the yard but he never heard the noise
that was maybe over head.
Or how about the time, the only time
in 23 years that a MOUSE moved
into the HOUSE with us.
He was leaving droppings
all over, he invaded the pantry
Dakota NEVER had a clue.
I have to ask what is the issue since
his breed was brought around
to hunt farm rodents!!!!
Do I need to stick him out
in a barn?
All I could think was that he
earning his
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