Oops....A Bit Tall

Did you know that if you 
own an older home
you can run into issues
in up dating or remodeling?

First - 
The guy I hired to replace this

Ran into issues with the pipes and connections
not lining up...
If you were to go to the hardware store
and purchase a new bathroom cabinet you would
find that cabinet to be taller than 
what you normally find in older

Yesterday I found out when 
my new fridge was
delivered that 
they are being made
taller these days.

LOL....so how you ask would
that be an issue?

Those two little cabinets that
are usually above a fridge were my

Oops....just barely! 
Cut the cabinet off or
take it out?

Since I don't have the doors on there 
anyway and I made them to work
as a shelve for my cookbooks
I have decided that they are to go.

Weekend project cause until
I take them down, the
fridge sets out in the floor!

Now I wonder what else I will
find that has CHANGED from
older to newer homes?

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