The Garden Designs Keep Growing

I am so enjoying designing my
yard and garden with things
I just pick up here and there.

This is last years design with the ivy
in the cage but...I did move it from
under the crepe myrtle bush to the
end of the flowerbed garden next to
the shed.

The Lady Bug is an added addition
$1.00 from the Dollar General.

Love the smell and I love in my tea.
This is planted in what once was the 
inside crock of a crock pot that
used the belong to my granny.
The base stopped heating and cooking
so what better way to us keep
and use the pot.

This guy was one I added last yr.
I have moved him from the front to the 
new bed. 

This guy looks great in his new home.
Picked him up at the Dollar General Store
for a$1.00.

Lemon grass.

Birdbath full of water.



Red bird sitting pretty.

Metal dish from Goodwill
to add to the metal rustic look.

Candle holder cage...was going 
to place the Gnome in there but he
was just a tad to tall!

Side yard. 
Next....clean the green mold stuff off the
house. The creek next to the drive
really plays rough on the house.


That's right...
Nana Rocks

Last years design.
Lemon Grass
with marigolds growing in the lower pot.

 The bed around the mailbox.
Thinking the one next to the light
is a cone flower..

Candle holders can be used
in lots of ways.

 My yucca plant.
Starting to shoot up.

Now some new things that were added 

I added this to the house at the deck.
Cool peace sign.
I house sat for my sis in law and brother
two weekends,
this is one item they got me for doing that.

Deck needs pressured washed. 
Waiting on my younger brother to do that.
When that is done I will get the
deck all sat up.

Another item that was given to
Loving it in the hosta in front
of the porch.

Another gift.
I placed this on the front of my

In the hosta on the side of the house.
Thanks Ray and Lori for my gifts.

Side view of the shed.

So are you liking it so far?

Thanks for stopping in,


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