The Funny Things My Grandkid Have Said

Kids have a way with what they
and they can say the funniest and
cuties things.
Caleb not so much anymore at 14
but when he was younger he would
come out with cute things...
One time he asked me what
I told him and the next thing
I know he is going around
saying, "nana
you are exquistie"!
He used to always say when he
was about 3, "see you,
wouldn't want to be you"....
and there has been more just can't
remember off the top of my head.
Braden.....Mr. Smiley.
He got in trouble one day in the back seat
and his mom got onto him, he said something
after that and Amber told him not to
talk behind her back, it was not nice.
At that point Braden says, " mom, I not
talking to your back, I talking to your front"!
DJ wanted a PBJ not to long ago.
Amber fixed him one and he ate it.
But after he was done he said to Amber,
"mom next time will you put the jelly on top"!
Oh my gosh....gotta love it.
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