The New Flower Bed

Been working on this bed for a couple
of weeks. I would do a little and then
stop....a little more and stop....
and so on and so on.

Still not finished but I am 
just about there.

I had a flower bed here years ago but
the border was landscaping timber that
broke down over the years and drew
termites. They had to go.

The borders here are made of different things.
I have rocks, and a bunch of different borders.
I like the difference.

This end needs to be finished up.
There is a small bush on the very end, that
is my red Crepe Myrtle. I bought it 2 yrs ago.
I have rocks around the base of it, from
there it will be dirt moving into the bed.

If you look closely you will see river rock 
between the border and the dirt in the back.
Rain pours right off the roof and leaves
a line in the dirt. The rocks are there to prevent
that. Sort of like a dry river bed.

Picked this cute stepping stone up at
Dollar General store.

Love the pop of red that this provides.
My youngest brother made this birdhouse
a few years ago. It sat out at mom's in the
weather for years till I took it home....
and DROPPED it,
breaking both sides of the roof.
E6000 glue did a great job
putting it back together.
Then came the red paint, the
flowers and the perch.

The bluebird came from the 
Dollar General store for $1.

The table that the birdhouse sits
on I made from a piece of tile
I had on hand and an iron
plant stand that was given to

That is ME!

I picked up this baby bed spring a couple
years ago for $5 at the antique store.
Wanted a trellis and thought it
would work great. 

Now all I need to get is a plant to
climb up it.

Another $1 bird.

Picked up this metal piece at 
Goodwill for 99 cents.
Put a solar light in there and
hung it on my hook. 

Also got this cage at Goodwill for 
$2.99 a couple years ago.
When my ivy fills out it looks
really nice hanging there.

New plant. This was given to me
late last yr by a friend. It
took off this year and actually bloomed.

The small birdbath I made.
A lamp base that I painted brown and
a globe I picked up at Goodwill.

More to come later as the garden and 
the plants around the yard grow.

Thanks for stopping in,


You've been busy Pam! Everything looks great. I have a shed like that--I should do something with it. Currently it has windows stacked against it. :(

I love how you pulled the garden together! That E6000 is my best buddy. I drop several things on a daily basis, lol. My favorite element is the metal piece you scored from goodwill. I love how you upcycled it into a solar light. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing on Friday Favorites. Hope to see you link up this week. Party opens at 8pm Thursday on I also pinned your post!

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