House/Animal Sitting

Been awhile since I have done
any house sitting at my brothers.

Here are the fur babies I sat 
with this weekend.

Little Maggie
Maggie belongs to my
niece Jessica.

This is Chole. She is part


Big Maggie.
This Maggie belongs to my sis in law
she is a recue baby and so loving.

Meet Oakly.
He started out being my nephews 
dog but my brother and sis
in law ended up with him.

The older of the labs.

TJ...I have had my times with this
bird. Although he was a tad
nicer this time he don't
like anyone but my brother.

And Ms. Lola. She was funny this morn,
climbing up my arm and
trying to make a nest of my hair.

All in all, the animals behaved nicely.
Even my dog, Dakota that stayed
with me. He really don't like
me giving attention to other

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
that's quite a menagerie Pam! :)

Sounds like all went well.


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