Designing Around the Shed

If you have been following
my blog you know that
I decide after years that my shed
was a blank canvas...
So I did a touch of painting on it.
Now....I am making a flowerbed
on the side but I needed somewhere
to install my yard art.
This piece, really could use a name. 
My brother found this piece years ago
on the side of the road. It ended up in mom's
yardsale one year and I just had to have
There was an issue with it though.
It was a bit side heavy. You see
the two lower sections were all
that there was to it.
I recently learned to weld so
I added to it. I added the longer
piece coming straight up also
extending the rod down under the piece
so that I would stick in the ground
and hold it up better.
Yes, it is different....and I love it!
With this shot I was trying to catch the
whole front of the shed.....LOL....hard
to tell that I am a photographer when
I produce a pic like this with my cell!!
But if you will notice, my other
welded piece is to the left..
The Wild Flower!

View from the deck.

Still move work to do...
gotta finish that flower bed.
Thanks for stopping in,


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