New Kitchen Piece

I really was not looking for a new
piece for my kitchen although 
I knew I was going to have
to do something different since
the piece I had did not fit in...

But my friend, Theresa and I stopped at a 
antique store yesterday and I 
saw this piece.

and I fell in love.
I have wanted a piece like this
for so many years.
And the price was good...
even better when they came down
15 more dollars!

But, it will need a new paint
job. The blue is not getting
it in my kitchen plus
it is that chalk paint and I 
am not a fan of that. Just have
to put it on my list of
things to do.

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
not a fan of chalk paint? whoa! hard to believe. :)

I soooo love it in all forms. lol

Love the new piece in your kitchen Pam.

a good deal makes it even better.
Audrey said…
That is a great vintage kitchen cabinet. Nice size too.
Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

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