Painted Rocks

A couple of years ago I painted a few rocks....
why? Cause I thought they would look cool.

This is one of my first - a bee.

Another one of my first - isn't she so cute?

Then there was my fav. I usually sit this one down
in a pot on the deck, flying around the plant inside.

Painting those rocks took me back a few years to the
very first one I ever painted. My desk paper weight.
1/2 a moon......usually have this side showing at work
for good days, but for the not so good days.....

I would flip it over for the full moon!
Painted this one the other night for my garden.

These are smaller and would make good paper weights
or you could just toss them in the garden or a pot.

Oops...looking at the pic above I realize that when taking
a pic with my cell I need to be sure it is clear.

Made this one early in the winter to sit in my garden
this spring. My grandboys call me nana.

I also did one for my brother that says, "Papa is a rolling
stone", his grandson calls him Papa. And I made one
for sis in law, "Mamaw Rocks"!

Then there is this one. I painted this one on a rock from
my brothers yard and it now sits by his pond!

Bee Happy! its a bit different! But the little green man
is so cute.

My aunt Donna likes this one, she loves dragonflys
so I put a magnet on the back so she can hang it. Need
to box it up and send it to her in Georgia.

Dream on..........

These are cute for fun little projects. Give as a gift, toss
in the garden or use as a paper weight.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Hi there, Pam..these are too cute..and what a great idea! Sometimes the ones in the store are so generic and boring... These have personality! Lol Pam style!! My favs is the Bee..your First and the one that currently sits in your brothers pond! Nancy M; Ohio

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