Girls Painting Night

I know that you all have heard of
the studios that do the one night
We have Sips and Strokes
Wine and Whimys
and others...
Last year a couple of friends and I
went to Wine and Whimy to
paint these

They turned out great.
Well Theresa and Debbie
wanted to continue to paint some.
I had Theresa to the house once to
her to paint....
A teacher I am not.
But she did really well.
And we stopped!
Last night we decided to do it
Debbie and Theresa came
to the house.
We ordered pizza,
had a couple sips of wine
and they painted.
Theresa's start to her painting.
Debbie is really moving on with hers.

Working hard.

Check out what Theresa did.
Looks so much cooler
than it did on the paper.
Great job T!

With a little help from me Debbie
was able to finish hers.
This was probably more of a painting
than she needed to start with but
she pulled it off and
did a great job.

We talked, we decided that we would
do this once a month. This morning I
have been looking for Thanksgiving
things for them to paint for next month.
Next time I might just join in and
paint with them.
Thanks for stopping in,


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