Saturday's Shoot - Miata Club Event 2014

The event I was shooting
Saturday was for the Miata Club.
I was going to do an over shot of
the cars then I would go in and
do the event.
This is the beginning.....
Not many cars had arrived but
I was early anyway.
Me...waiting to get all the cars lined up.

And this is where I was to shoot from.

Me in the bucket.
The tree guy, Eric kept asking me
would I be ok.
I was excited.

After I was buckled in with a harness
I went up to look down on all the
cars and shoot.

I got shots part of the way up
and more a bit further up!

Then I went up really high for
Before taking me all the way to the
ground Eric took this

Had a blast. My first time
for this adventure.
Thanks for stopping in,


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