The Yard this Year - Spring till July- Part 1

I was working like gang busters in the
spring....before the heat
sat in. I can't handle heat.
But this is the bed in front of the deck
in early spring.

Yikes...this is the same bed just last week.

I did get out and do a major clean on that bed.
Hosta appearing in the spring.

Hosta in June.

Now the Hosta have these blooms.

Early spring.

My fav color.

Daylilies in spring.

So pretty in bloom.

Crete Myrtle bush that I got
last fall. Dark red in color.
I was afraid I lost it in the winter but
it appeared up from the bottom and is
doing great now.

Front yard color when planted.

Front yard color now.

Early spring.

Hangs in my other Crete Myrtle bush in
the back.

I love it.




Goodwill buy.
$2.99 I think.

Solar light I had and
a light near the shed.

Front porch...

Part 2 tomorrow.
See you then.
Thanks for stopping in,


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