This and That - May 21, 2014

This dog
is so spoiled.
Sat up against me to have
his belly rubbed and fell over
Love the dog so much.
But when he was little he was
all ears. Seems to have grown into
them some.

But this is who he reminds me of.

My son put a comment under these
pics on fb, and you have to know Star
Wars to understand..
"Looks like me, he does"!
Now for the fun part of the post.
Seeing a guy that has pet pot belly pigs!
Now I was not raised on or near a farm.
Animals I have been around consisted of
dogs, cats and gold fish!!
Later on horses were added.
But never, never have I spent time
with a pig.
This is Maybelline and she loves
her crackers.
Course that is Dakota next to us wanting
crackers also.

Yep, in a dress, sitting Indian style on the ground
feeding a pot belly a cracker!
What a site.

Thanks for stopping in,


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