The BIG Graduation

My niece Jesssica!
This was taken 4 yrs
ago when Jessica was
about to graduate ......
from high school.
This is Jessica, Saturday
May 10th, 2014
the day she graduated from
And that is her baby Maggie
in her arms.
Congrats Jessica!

This is George and Eva, Jessica's


Right to left would be my brother Ray,
my sis in law Kim, Jessica, another niece
Holly and my other sis in law, Lori.

I love my family!
Ray, Jessica and Lori.

Lori, Jessica and Jessica's stepmom,

Lori, Jessica, Sean and their dad.

Grandpa and Jessica.

Susan, Jessica, Cole and Chase (my nephew).

This would be Jessica's boyfriend Mark and
a friend of theirs. 

Chase with his boy, my great nephew

Talk about adorable...

Jessica and her dad.

Coleen, Jessica and dad.

My brother photo bombing me!

Holly, the actress in the family.
She has the Montgomery look
down really well and I think she has
even improved on it!

Yep...she has improved it!

I actually had NO desserts to eat
but this looked yummy.
I actually did not get a pic of the food but
it was good. We had bbq chicken,
beans, tater salad and cole slaw...

And lets not forget this..
I had to dig to the bottom for
the watermelon but
I found it!

There's her name!!

Maggie has to get up in the pics...
Look at her, looks so smart!
Sorry, at this point I had to run, I had
a prom session to photograph.
Saturday was a busy day for me.
Thanks for stopping in,


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