More Wildflowers, Trees and Blooms

Yes I did take a lot of
pics at Standing Stone Park.
I love it!
Wildflowers in the woods.
Most of them my fav color....

Amazed to see a hydrangea growing on the
side of the road.
When I got home I looked up WILD hydrangea's
to see if they exist.
News to me, they do.

Theresa got me posing under the trees.

This was a baby pine coming up...

I forget what Theresa called these but
they are a type of fern.

The beautiful blue sky. Wind was blowing
just enough to keep you from getting hot
on this 80 degree day.

Look, more purple.

Now this is the type of fern I know.

But this is not one I have ever seen.
Neat looking.
This flower I know....Bluebells.
Thanks for stopping in,


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