Shona and Chris' Wedding - 2/22/2014

Been a couple of years since I shot
a wedding so I was excited
about Shona and Chris'
wedding on February 22, 2014.
It was so cute with all the little details
that make a wedding fun for all.
Like chocolate milk mix and
marshmallows for each guest.
And a very simple program.

This was cute. Things for the kids to do.
Introducing the groom, Chris.
Did not get many serious pics of him
and his best man and grooms man.
They were all NUTS!

Looking for the bride and checking
the time.

Take a closer look and see if that is
her coming in the door.

Must not have been so lets call
to see what the hold up is!

The brides dad!

And the bride, Shona.

Caught this shot with the sunlight
hitting the dress right at
this moment and shinning
over to the flowers.
Meet the bridesmaid and maid of honor.
Shona's two sisters.
Love the B&W shots.
And girls with the shoes!
Where were your feet on 2-22-14?

The wedding.

The KISS....
Wedding party.
And the SELFIE!
But lets not forget to post it to FB!
Love the look Shona is giving

Thanks for stopping in,



Carrie Taylor said…
Pam, it was a blast to work with you! Thank you for capturing my sister's special day! Love the photos!

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