Took a ride out with a friend yesterday to the
I enjoy watching the wildlife and
catching them with my lens.
Have no clue what this duck is called but
look at the wicked looking
red eyes.

Herron, got him standing on
a log in the water just before
he decided we were to close.

This is after he took off but he did not land
far away.

Actually got closer to him here.
And then he took off...

 and as he made his escape I followed
him with the camera.

Then came the ducks.

And the island of seagulls.

Up, up and away.

Red Tailed Hawk flying above.

Out of all the birds I saw yesterday I did not
see the ones I wanted to see.
But I saw the nest....BIG NEST of
the Eagles.
I wanted to view them and photograph them
so bad.
Maybe next time.
Thanks for stopping in,


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