Past Christmas Paintings turned Christmas Cards

For years now I have been painting
a Christmas painting and
having it printed for my
Christmas card.
This is the very first one I ever did.
I don't really remember what order
they go in and I have a couple
missing that I don't have pics for
on this computer.

But that is a few of them. Frosty on
the end was last years.
This neat pic is a picture of
a CD cover I painted for a local
song writer, Richard Carpenter (no
not Karen's brother).
I think I did this one in 2006.

Sunday I actually kicked my rear and
decided I had wasted enough time and
if I did not paint that day, my card would
not be ready to mail this year.
With that, I started and finished the painting.
I took a pic this year instead of scanning
and it is ready to go have prints made
for my card. actually will have to come
back to see the finished results because I
never share until it is in the mail.
Thanks for stopping in,


Your Christmas cards are so beautiful!
Gail Wilson said…
you tease! I remember this post from last year, and the frosty was my favorite. Can't wait to see this years!

I sure wish I could paint. I think this is a fabulous idea for Christmas cards Pam!

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