Me and the Past

I was just looking at some pics on
facebook and thought I would
share here on my blog.
This is my brother Ray and I, when we
lived in California.
Me- curly hair and all sitting on the
beach. Probably got sand in my eyes
cause I don't look overly excited!

Not sure of my age here but we were probably
living in Fort Campbell, KY at this time.
Again, Ray and I.

LOL.....not sure who took the pic but
my cousin Kathy got her head chopped off.
That is me in the middle. You can always
tell which one I was cause of the dark
hair. On the other side of me is my
cousin Tammy, Kathy's sister.

I remember when this was taken. Some guy
came to our house and took pics of the family.
This is in front of the sliding glass doors
in the den with the curtains pulled for the
At this point in life I did not have
curls anymore, these
were done with rollers.

LOL....I love viewing old pics.
My cousin Kathy posted this on
facebook and tagged me. That
was the first time I ever remember seeing
this pic.
These are my cousins that live in Georgia.
Left to right back row- Margaret, Kathy and
of course, the dark hair
Bottom left to right is Becky, Tammy
and Annette.
My cousin wanted to know why I was
the only one in a mid drift top...
I told her I was styling before my time!
Come to find out, this was a regular shirt
that I rolled up and tucked to make
it a mid drift!
Of course I did!

I don't know why but I LOVE this pic of
Kathy and I taken at the house my mom
still lives in.
Were we not styling and really cool
in these outfits!
Gotta love the socks.

Fun memories!
Fun photos!
Fun times!
And then the years pass by and
you are no longer thin as a rail and that
hair is no longer dark!
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
I am going to look for more photos this weekend I love it
Adorable pictures of you and your family Pam. I use to make my shirts mid drift too or I would tie it in a knot. lol

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