I Live on.......

I have 30 years in with the State of TN.
25 of those years were with the
Printing Division and Media Services.
21 being in the basement of the Andrew
Jackson Bldg. in Printing and 4 in the
TN Tower for Photo Services (part of
the printing and media services)...
Then 5.5 years ago, I jumped way
out of the box!
I went to work for the TBI. Tennessee
Bureau of Investigation.
But just the other day I got this text
from my friend Theresa that
still works in Photo Serv.
LOL....that is just too funny.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
TBI eh? hmmm I watch the Mentalist and they are the CBI--I live in KY, wondering if we have a KBI ??? never heard of them. hmmmmm

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