Sites in Old Hickory TN

Old Hickory TN.
Once known as Jacksonville.
Name changed to Old Hickory
after the 7th president of the
U.S., Andrew Jackson
(nickname Old Hickory).
Est. in 1918 when the DuPont Company
was built to manufacture gun
powder for the war.
Only to have DuPont close down in
Nov. 1918 and the town
fall to disrepair.
DuPont returned in 1923 and
Old Hickory began to
A cute little town just outside
of Nashville.

The gym from the high school
that survived a fire.
I actually took gym in this building.
My daughter sometimes practiced
cheerleading here when the weather
was bad. My son took gym here while
attending the middle school as
well as my grandson that now
attends that same middle school.

I would love to see these buildings
come back
to life.
Thank you for
stopping in,


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