PINTEREST - Edible Christmas Platter for Sweets

As you all can tell if you look at
my blog, I have not been
crafting much lately.
Instead I have been busy doing
photo shoots.
Since I work full time I can
only give the weekends for
my photo sessions.
But I have done a Fall Festival,
and 3 high school seniors ( lovely girls),
I have two more girls lined up for their
pics and two shoots for Christmas
But with that said, I did manage
to make a PINTEREST project.
A platter made out of
In the oven

You need parchment paper, and
red and green mints.
Oven heated to 350.
I laid out my paper on a round
cooking stone, then I opened each mint
(that took the most time), started with one
in the center and laid more out around
that one, working in a circle.
You can use any pattern you wish.
I did a roll of red, and the next roll green,
until the last roll and I made it red and green.
Bake it for 8 to 15 mins. Mine was done
in 13 mins. Keep an eye on it so
that it does not spread to thin on the
Serve cookies, brownies or any
sweets on the platter.
When done, eat it!
Yes, eat the platter.
Not sure it would be doable to try and store
it for next year.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
That's a fun platter Pam! I bet it smelled good in the oven!


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