Only me.....yep, I think that
when I do something I do it
all the way...
Monday evening I stopped by mom's
to pick up my dog. Yes, he is
spoiled and he goes to Granny's house
everyday for Granny's Doggie Daycare!
Mom has two steps that go from the living
room to the bedrooms and while messing
with the dogs and not paying attention
I had a small accident....
My foot slipped from the step,
ripping my big toe nail almost
all the way off.
I will spare you that pic.
I thought I just hurt it and I was dancing
around yelling "oh crap"...
only to notice blood.
Looking at the nail I realized it had to
be removed all the way cause I
could not even lay it back in place
and tape it on.
Yes, I had to do it up right and not only
did I rip it off I ripped the nail out
from under the skin at the base.
I tried to cut it away, I tried to
pull it off and the more
I messed with it the sicker
feeling my tummy got.
Off to Urgent Care.
This is how I left Urgent Care.
The toe had to be deadened and
the nail ripped the rest of the way off.
Yes, I keep saying RIPPED cause
it adds more drama! lol
This bandage did not even stay on
till I got home.
So I had to redo it.
And prop it up the next day.

Today at just looked so
plain and upon request from several
it needed color.

I will be wearing a bandage till the pain
and tenderness goes away...
then with hopes only a bandaid
until it grows back.
Grows back, the internet tells me
that will be 12 to 18 months!
My fingernails grow over night....
what's wrong with the toenails doing that?
I earned the nickname
TOEJACK today.
Thanks Deborah!
Thanks for stopping in,


Anita Stafford said…
Ouch! I tore one off on a metal door at school once when I was teaching, but I think yours is a much worse case! So sorry for your pain, get well!
Gail Wilson said…
ouch! Oh my Pam... I sure hope the pain subsides soon... gotta keep Dakota off that toe! yikes!
I hurt my foot a couple of weeks ago--dropped my media center on it--louie stood on it the other day and I thought I was going to be sick!

feel better soon!


ps Happy Belated Birthday to braden--what a cutie!

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