Today - Saturday 9/21/2013

Dakota and I were out and
about a couple of times today.
I was stopped at one point and
when I looked back I had to have a handsome sitting on
his throne in the car!
Early this morning it was raining,
  bringing in a cool front. But
after the rain it was a
nice and beautiful
But this is how the drive looked...
Fall has arrived.

Even the car was showing signs of
fall. needs a bath so bad.
This is Cory, my son and his
best man Russ (taller guy). Taken
May 2011.
And I see you scratching your head
wondering why I posted that on
Russ is a friend of mine on
facebook and months ago he
saw some things I posted that
my brother Mark made out of
scrap metal and stuff.
One of those items was a spider.
Russ loved it and wanted one so
bad. Thanks to Mark when I
went to Calif. in July I was able
to take a SPIDER out to
Today he tagged me in these pics.
The Spider goes hiking with Russ
and some of his friends.
These pics were taken at Woodson.
I love this one....looks like something on
planet Mars!

I love neat.
It was an amazing and beautiful day.
Sunset just as beautiful.
Just wished my cell showed
how nice it was.

The colors were amazing.

Thanks for stopping in,


beautiful pictures Pam...I'm so ready for fall. :)


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