Odds and Ends in Photos

A month or so ago a woman that
I went to school with went to
Knowing that I collect key rings from
places she wanted to get me a couple.
So here are two neat ones I
got from her that came from
Thanks Gina.
Although I had to laugh when I went
to the mailbox and found them there...
The envelope was made out to
the name she remembered me having
in school....my maiden name.
LOL...not been a Montgomery since
I was 20 yrs old....and that
was forever ago.

The other night my friend Theresa and
I went
to Wally World (Walmart).
Being that you can't take
either one of us shopping and we
both LOVE Halloween....
We had to try on a couple of mask.

And this so goes against what I feel about
I LOVE THEM and they
are not EVIL.

Gotta love this!

A while back I went to hear the OH Boys
(guys I went to school with)
Saw these on the daughter of the guitar player
Not for me, I am too OLD but
I love these.

Older friend, Danny AKA Dano
was there.
He is such a mess.
The shirt says it all.

It's that time of year.
Birthday time.
My youngest grandson will
be 3 this week on the 20th.
My oldest will be 13 on the 23th of Oct.
And then my middle one will be
5 on the 7th of Nov.
My daughter will be 33 in Dec.
That means....
and more
Not just baking but decorating.
A tradition I started with the oldest grandson.
Nana makes them a special cake every yr. just
for them.
to get started.

The view from my computer at work.
My boys being silly.

Hey look...another key ring.
This one came from Elizabeth.
She picked this up in Regensbury Germany.
It is really cool it opens up like a book
and contains pics of churches.

Kitchen table.....oh what to do....
I started stripping it a couple of yrs ago
then stopped.
Then I could not decide what to do with it.
But now I know...I will continue
to strip and get the old paint off and
do nothing but seal it from there.
I love the natural look.

Do you know what this is?
I had NO CLUE.
Never seen nor heard of them.
But the other night I had dinner with Theresa
and she had this, and I had to ask.
We chopped it up on our salad. It
was not bad, it was ok but
nothing to write home about so
I don't think I will be buying one!
It is a Jicama.

T cooks for the week when she fires up
her grill.
I had the steak.

Grilled corn on the cob and

That is all for now.
As you can tell I have not been creative in
my crafts or my photos even lately but
I plan on hopefully getting some stuff
done soon.
Hang with me....I will get there!
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
hahah funny pictures!

love that old table! Happy you'll be finishing it up.

yard selling... do NOT like having them. so.much.work.

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