First Day of School - Aug. 1, 2013

This modified school calendar is
We use to start school the first of
Sept. and then had a day off for the
Now they start long before summer
is over.
DJ started his first day of
pre school. He picked out
his clothes this morning.
He is set with his new backpack and
But he is not really happy about going.
He has never been away from Mom for
any period of time except with

Check out the backpack.

  Got a half smile from him.

He jumped in the car, locked the doors...guess he
thought if he did that he would not have
to go.

Mom fooled him....walking into school.
This is my daughter, Amber, DJ and Caleb.
This is how we knew whose class he would be in.

His stack of papers for mom to fill out.

Had to get a couple of pics of little Braden. He
will be so lost being the only one home
with DJ in school.
And this is Caleb. He is not so happy about
having to get up and start this school stuff

Walking to my car to ride with me to DJ's school.

For 6 years, I have taken Caleb to school that
first day.
This year, age 12 almost 13, he decided
he could handle it and he would
go all by himself.
It was time. Nana was sad but I know
he did well.
And the school year has started for two of
my boys.
Have a good year kids.
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