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I have been neglecting my blog for some time now!! But I am sure you know how it is, work, summer and summer events, vacations and all that stuff gets in the way of facebook and blogging.

It will be a week tomorrow since I returned from vacation.  I spent seven days visiting with my son and daughter in law in Del Mar Calif. Thanks to Britney’s (daughter in law) grandmother we were able to stay in a condo on the beach that she has…, wasn’t that really nice of her! It was amazing, really nice and pretty inside and it set right on the cliff that over looked Del Mar beach. Britney’s family is really a very loving, and giving family.


I am not one to do tourist type stuff, just hanging out with the kids, some of their friends, riding around, playing in the pool, and visits down at the beach were the best. I had a lot of one on one time with Cory and then him, Britney and I had some good times together.

I love California but Tennessee is my home. California is beautiful in its own way but Tennessee is the place for me with its rolling green mountains and green flatland. As much fun and I had and all the time I enjoyed, I was glad to see all the green and the lake as we started to land on the plane…..HOME….there in no place like HOME!

This blog is short and sweet but…..I promise to do better.


Thanks for stopping in,


Such pretty pictures, looks like it was fun! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
Gail Wilson said…
I love the pictures of the birds, but my favorite is the footprints! how clever!


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