2012 Christmas Ornaments

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I told about the tradition that I started years ago with my kids, family and friends. Due to taking on more than I could handle I stopped doing it and started buying my kids an ornament a year. Just last year I started the tradition back for my grandson's and added my great nephew.

In the other post I posted this pic of last year's ornaments.

I was running a bit late in getting them ready, but I did get them done and on the trees where they belong last weekend, at least they will have a week to enjoy them this year. Many years to enjoy them from here on out.

This is the ornaments for my boys and for Cole my great nephew.

It is fun to go back and look at the trees and see the ones I made years ago. My nephew Chase, Cole's dad had several on his tree that I had made him. My daughter has a lot of on her tree.

One of my favs I made for my daughter, I took her drivers licenses and copied it to make this~


Thanks for stopping in and come again,


those are really pretty Pam--that last one, the driver's license made me chuckle! how clever!
Merry Christmas!

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