The Christmas Deer

The story goes on!

If you have missed the other four stories
of Dakota, my dog, then you might
want to jump back a few post and see
what life with this guy is like...

One December a couple of years ago it messy.
Right before Christmas we had a couple of days of
steady rain. Dakota don't like getting wet and what
is worse is that he don't like getting his feet wet.

So getting him to go out during those times is hard.
But apparently it got to be more then he could hold!

I got him out the door and he hugged the porch
around to the front of the house, then
he darted out to get under the large tree
in the front yard.

Dakota has to smell every piece of grass around
before going to the bathroom, and even in the
rain he was smelling away.....only to
not be able to find the right spot.

He darted out from under the tree straight to
my Christmas deer. You know the
kind, the ones that are covered in lights....
For some reason he did not need to smell this
time, he hicked his leg, before I could yell,
He began....a nice stream!
That stream hit a socket where a bulb
slides in and YELP!

He ran into the house so fast...but
I could not stop laughing cause I knew what
would happen when he hicked up....

Bless his heart. No harm done, he was fine.
And I continued to laugh!

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