Taking Care of Mommy

I had shoulder surgery in August, it put me
down in a sling for 4 weeks.
I had to sleep in a recliner for the first 4 weeks.
My mom kept me at her house for the 1st week taking
care of me. Since he recliner is in her room, she
moved to the guest room. But....Dakota stayed
with his mom. He knew something was not right.
He would either sleep on my leg in the recliner
or on Mom's bed, facing me.
After I went home, Dakota slept in the recliner
with me most of the time for the next 3 weeks.
But during the day, if I moved from one chair
to the other, or to the sofa, he had to move
also. He had to be right there, almost on top of
me every step of the way.
Saw my doc that 4th week, I was able to remove the
sling. Right after getting home, Dakota continued
to move about with me for the first day but after
that he started staying on the sofa if I got in the
chair or the other way around. I did not notice
right away but then it hit me, he knew things were
not right and he stayed with me cause that was his
way of taking care of me.
He did a great job being my friend and my
nurse for those 4 weeks....
He is so amazing!
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