Pics from the Past - 2006 Cruise - Panama Canal

One of the port of calls on my cruise in 2006
was Panama. My sis in law's father was along
on this cruise and since he was stationed in
Panama years ago, he wanted to take the
fairy down the canal.
Me, loving history wanted to also take
that fairy. It was an all day trip. Partly a
sunny day and partly rainy.
We took a tour bus about an hours drive to the
canal. Loaded up in the fairy and off we went.
This is the lake area before the canal.
Entering the canal. The things lined on the side
of the canal, on the track are called mules.
They tie up to the boats coming in to the canal
to help line them up.
This is one boat that was waiting its time to
line up in the canal.
Yet, another boat lined up waiting.
After we pulled into the canal this big guy pulled
in behind us.
As you can tell he took up the whole cancal
but our fairy's could line up two side by side
with a smaller boat on the other side. Three in a roll.
The wall as the water level dropped. Funny
sitting there watching yourself go up and
down with the water level.
We were lined up next to this wall and as
the water went down we were told that
we could reach out and touch the wall if
we wanted to. So, of course I did. It was
slimey but the thoughts of touching that
wall was so neat.
A view from the rear of the fairy. As the night
covers over us.
And this is the last lock. I have to say that
I really enjoyed this tour and the chance to
go down the cancal.
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