Have boards and pins but
I also love to share some usual things
I find with my brother, Mark.
I thought for an antique looking or
country looking home this would be
really neat.
If you are into fall or Halloween decorating
this is cute.
I love this idea. I actually bought a tea kettle
like this, spray painted it and its ready to hang
as soon as I can get this arm out of the
sling and get out there to do it.
Thinking of hanging on my shed.

Now this I can see my brother doing.
Neat and cool looking. Not my style
since I go for the antique look.

To funny what people can
come up with. I like.

This is just plain neat. New meaning to water
bed. Soft lighting and an issue sleeping, I think
watching the fish would help.

I am all about storage. This wold be great.

Not my style but a neat idea for

Great idea. Sent this to my niece who just
bought some new boots. She loved it.

I LOVE this. Done with picture frames. How
neat is that.

This is cool and I have enough of these insulators but
I think this would look cool over my kitchen sink.
But I have been playing more with the wine bottle
look. I bought a cutter months ago and have
not yet used it. But once I do I think I will
cut the bottom out of wine bottles and make
a lighting thing like this. Thanks to
friends for saving me bottles.

Thanks for stopping in,


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