Planters, Squirrels and Fun

Last year I posted this idea.
It is a candle holder, the kind where the
globe of glass sits down in it and you
then put your candle in..
I found this one at Goodwill for
$1.99. My clay pot sit right
down in there and looked great
on the porch.

The other day I visited Goodwill and
I found this beauty.
Yes, another candleholder.

Look how nicely the pots fit down
in there....I placed this one on
my deck.


Last week I posted this cutie..

I love it...but I came home one day to
find the perch broke off. I know the
birds are not that heavy so that left
one critter that I know of that could
do that.....

The next day I came home to find it knocked
out of the tree and on the ground....

So for now it is sitting on the floor of
the deck.

And this is the reason why.......

You can see the jute hanging that it had
been hung by...he chewed it
in to.

I use to love to watch these critters
but every since they moved into
my attic and danced above my head
a few years ago....and might
I add, cost me a pretty penny
to get rid of....
I don't care for them anymore.

Now for the fun.....I have spent the
last couple of weeks battling
with my Fibromyalgia but yesterday
I was feeling a lot better, so
last night I went to hear
a group of guys  that I went to
school with. Great band.
(and yes, I have been out of
school awhile)....

Anyway had a great time visiting with
old friends and some I have not seen
in a while. This group and another one
Russell and Hop have really been great
and have brought lots of school folks
back together and reconnecting.

This pic stood outside
the lounge where the guys played.
I did this photo shoot for the Old Hickory
Boys a couple of weeks ago....
To neat...

Thanks for stopping in,


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