Marking the Plants and Lizards

Just a simple project I threw together.
Wooden spoons, painted dark brown
and the name of the plant painted
on them. Sprayed with a sealant to
protect them.



Yesterday my grandson Caleb and I
visited over at my brothers house.
Caleb played around in the pond
trying to find the frogs while my sis
in law and I sat and talked.

Later Caleb spotted this guy.

Then he finds a stink bug on the tree....not
a bad shot for an 11 yr old.

To I was walking out of my bldg. to go to lunch and
I saw this guy.

Two lizards in two days.

But the funny part of yesterday was
watching my nieces dog Maggie.
She would stand with her front paws
in the water and just watch the
fish in the pond.

I was there for over an house and she just kept
walking around the pond...watching.

She actually lost balance a couple of times
and fell in.

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I like your plant markers. I'll have to duplicate that. Wooden spoons are easy to come by.

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