Carpenter Bee's

Every spring for the last 12 years or so...
I have had to battle with Carpenter Bees.

It started with one or two, then it grew.
I would be really close I am sure
if I said there was about 15 out there
early on this spring.

They drill holes right up in the bottom
of shed, right under the doors. So
spring is fun when it comes to getting
into the shed.
I would really hate to see the damage
under my shed.

A couple weeks ago I went to
the Southern Women's Show here in Nashville
and came up on a booth that had some
interesting looking birdhouse. But with
a closer look I realized that it was not a
birdhouse. It was a Carpenter Bee

Pretty cool....and it works. I did not get
it out until it was just about time for the
bees to leave but I was able to catch
three. See in the bottom of the cup...
3 Bees!

The holes are drilled going up and not just
straight in. They go in because according to
the guy that sold this, the rather go in holes
that are already made.  They get in there
and with the holes at an angle  they can't
get out..then they will go down in the jar
where they see light and they are caught!

Sorry Mark, I know you will think
that is cruel.....but I am so afraid that
I will step in the front of the shed one
day and it fall in on me!

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Lorrie said…
I need one of these! We have these bees every summer. Thanks for sharing, I pinned this and I'm now a follower!

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