House Sitting with TJ (Bird)

Morning....I am back at work as of yesterday after being off two weeks.!

I went to my brother Ray's house to stay this week. He and the family are in Fla. and going to Disney World.

I went up to the house around 11 on Sunday. Lori and the girls left around 3:30 that morning.

The dogs were fine, no messes in the house, they were ready to go out. The little bird was in the cage, she is always in her cage. The big white freak'n mouthy bird (Ray's) was out. He sits on top of his cage all the time and even his bowls of food are up there. Last time I stayed Ray put him in the cage before they left but I guess he figured since TJ stayed out all the time it was not an issue.  First, if you have not gotten it yet....I don't like that bird. I don't trust that bird. That bird don't like me. I tried befriending him but apparently he is a one person bird.

The bird behaved well for the first 2 days, cause I was there all day. But yesterday I came home to find that he flew to the dinning room chair (not the first time he has done this) and proceeded to tear stuffing out from where he ate through before. I went into panick am I getting that bird back to the cage, and in it. Holy crap. So I go over and hold out my arm and he hops on, I figure I can walk to the cage and stuff him in.....oh no, he knew better then that, he walked up the arm to the shoulder. He eyed me, I eyed him....till I decided I better not do that, he might peck my eye.  With that said I started to walk across the room to the cage, him hissing at me the whole way, only to get half way there and him fly to the top again. I could not get him back on my arm then. SO.....after I ate I decided to put some bread in the cage. I let him watch me feed some to Ms. Lola, then I showed him his piece, JUST before I put it in the cage. After about 30 min. he went in, I ran over and locked him in. I knew there were two food doors (where you open to put the food in) that he had gotten out of before and the latches were broke, I made sure that the wires to hold them closed were tight. Then while I was bragging on the phone to mom that I WON over the bird, I look up to see him sitting on the cage again....little did I know that there were two more food doors on the back side that were also broke. CRAP! I did not think he would fall for the bread trick again......but I decided to wire those doors closed with all I could find at the time......this coat hanger! I undone it and wired it through the cage and around the door and tried the bread again. He fell for it! I WON, I WON! Then I went down stairs to the tools and found those kind of plastic things that you use to tie up wires and stuff and redone the doors on the cage. I could not have TJ cutting himself and bleeding to death.

He squawked at me, I squawked at him, he squawked, I squawked....need I tell you that I kept this going for a bit. And he squawks LOUD! After that everytime I walked past him, I told him I WON! He became silent and would not squawk at me anymore, like he was ashamed he lost! Silly BIRD. All this took place after work, after a dentist appt. for a cleaning and after I fed the horses. I was tired. BUT...TJ is in jail...I won.

Next post I will fill you in on my morning this, hoping this is not how 2012 will be.

Thanks for stopping in,


lifebythecreek said…
Now I'm laughing all over again! Hahahaaaa.... you WON! Thank goodness... what was the alternative? I don't think I would've gone to sleep with that bird loose in the house after all of that. That would be the start of a horror movie...
Thanks for the laugh. I could just picture your little argument with the bird. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comment.

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